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Crochet Beanie and Hat Collection

Hats and Beanies.
My very first crochet project I attempted to crochet was a monster beanie with three horns. I found this free pattern online

This toddlers beanie is very colourful and something I intended for my son to wear for winter. After making it and taking a few pictures of it then sending it to a friend, I immediately started getting orders. The rest should you could say is history. We make all sorts of children’s beanies anything from minions to monsters and owls to kitties. This is where you can really get creative. Children often even have their very own requests. We really love creating children’s beanies they are so practical and can be worn so often.

Here is a really wonderful beanie pattern for the awesome hello kitty beanie, a winner with most little girls, I have even had a mommy and daughter set request which turned out to be so adorable.

And here is the link to a classic new-born baby beanie, an awesome pattern if you want to make something really quick and easy. It’s the really perfect present for a baby shower.

These are just a few of the really awesome crochet designers out there that I like to follow. If you follow my weakly blog post I will keep you informed on what is trendy within the knitting and crocheting community, and this will be an awesome opportunity to watch some really great tutorials.

Ok so here are some really great yarns to try for children’s beanies. Elle Gold, also a few other great options would be yarn from Vinnis. The Nikkim range is 100% Cotton Yarn, it is hand-dyed and balled. This hand-dyed product gives my beanies and hats a unique marbled effect. Cotton is durable and washes well also they stock such a wide variety of wonderful, vibrant colours.

The bamboo and cotton blend give a really unique looking product and the quality is truly outstanding. So I can honestly say that I really enjoy using cotton and cotton bamboo blends that can be worn in warm and cold weather.